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Alejandro 24
Alejandro is a muscular Stud. Absolute Hunk. Extremely Masculine & Attractive face. Super Hot Body ! Amazing Muscular Butt with hard Fucking Power.
Alejandro's appearance
name Alejandro
age 24
ethnicity Latin
country Netherlands
city Amsterdam
international travel Yes
body type Muscular
height 1.85 cm / 6'5
weight 90 kilo / 198 lbs
hair Black
eyes Brown
endowment 22 cm / 8,5 inch & Thick
cut / uncut Cut
body hair Smooth
languages English, Spanish
Alejandro's sexual preferences
kissing Kissing
role Top
oral Sucking & getting sucked. Alejandro can gentely force his Big Fat Cock in Your..
massage Yes
SM Yes dominant
water sports Yes
sexual fetishism At request: Fisting
sex toys Yes
threesome or group Yes