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Paolo 33
Paolo is 33 y/o and he is very good looking, muscular latin guy born in Amsterdam. No attitude, down to earth, sportive and easy going. Paolo is very sexy !
Paolo's appearance
name Paolo
age 33
ethnicity Latin
country Netherlands
city Amsterdam
international travel Yes
body type Muscular & defined body
height 180cm - 5'9''
weight 75kg - 165lbs
hair Black
eyes Dark Brown
endowment 21cm - 8,25inch & Thick
cut / uncut Uncut
body hair Smooth
languages English, Dutch, German
Paolo's sexual preferences
kissing French Kissing
role Versatile (active and passive)
oral Very good sucker, also get sucked
massage Yes
SM Yes experienced, Master role if requested
water sports Active Golden Shower
sexual fetishism Underwear, Leather
sex toys Dildo, Nipple clips, Whip at request
threesome or group Yes, Threesome & Orgy's